Building And Protecting Your Brand

A registered trademark identifies your business to your customer base and differentiates you from your competition. Anything that can serve as a unique identifier of your business can be a trademark, whether it is a logo, an image, a trade name, a service mark or a symbol. The right trademark can communicate the core values of your company in a succinct and powerful way.

With the experienced guidance of Beik Law Firm, PLLC, trademark registration is straightforward. Our attorney, Paul S. Beik, offers assistance throughout the entire process of preparing, filing and prosecuting your application so that you can secure a competitive advantage.

What Is The Difference Between Copyrights And Trademarks?

Copyright law and trademark law are similar in many ways, but there are a few key differences. The most important difference is the nature of the intellectual property (IP) protected because, while copyrights apply to works of art, writing, music and other products, trademarks are intrinsic to a brand. From golden arches to rainbow-colored fruit, these are the recognizable parts of your marketing strategy that are tied directly to your company’s identity.

You deserve legal protections, and our lawyer can offer them. He provides significant enforcement of trademark services to our clients.

Defending Your Business Against Trademark Infringement

The associations that your customers make with your trademark are what define its authority. Well-known trademarks, backed by years of powerful messaging and built-up goodwill, have the power to evoke a range of positive feelings about a company. As such, it is vital to manage how and where your trademarks are used in order to ensure that they retain their potency.

At our firm, attorney Beik helps businesses in and around the Houston area protect their brands and reputations from the damage caused by trademark infringement. If you feel that your trademark has been violated, he can negotiate on your behalf to rectify the issue quickly. If this approach fails, his extensive trial experience enables him to provide assertive and strategic litigation to defend your interests.

We Help You Register And Protect Your Trademarks

Getting trademark protections is a complex process, but our lawyer is here to help. He has filed many trademark applications and understands the process. There are important decisions to make, but attorney Beik can guide you through them with attention to detail and skill.

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