Keeping Clients’ Trade Secrets Secret

Trade secrets encompass a broad range of information, including sales and customer data, marketing strategies, product research, formulas, manufacturing technologies and more. All trade secrets have two things in common: They are not readily available to other businesses or individuals, and they offer tangible benefits to a business.

Understandably, businesses go to great lengths to protect this information. An experienced lawyer can be an invaluable ally and advocate. Businesses throughout Houston and the surrounding areas rely on our attorney at Beik Law Firm, PLLC. His trade secret practice involves helping clients take proactive measures to protect themselves and representing clients in litigation. Our founder and principal attorney, Paul S. Beik, is fully invested in our clients’ successes.

What Is A Trade Secret?

A trade secret is any piece of proprietary information that your company has developed that helps give them an edge. These secrets can include:

  • Training practices
  • Fulfillment processes
  • Customer lists
  • Internal guides and manuals
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Recipes
  • Leads for potential customers

Anything that the people of your company understand about the market it’s in or how to provide the services it provides may be a trade secret. This can have an intangible value that is hard to measure, but, when it gets out, it can cost you millions of dollars.

A Tenacious Approach To Trade Secret Litigation

Attorney Beik represents businesses threatened with the loss of trade secrets by former employees or competitors. Having represented many clients in trade secret litigation, he has an intuitive understanding of just how much is at stake. He has substantial jury trial experience in trade secret litigation and IP litigation. This experience is essential in protecting our clients’ rights in all stages of litigation, from filing temporary restraining orders and injunctions to seeking monetary damages.

Developing Appropriate Strategies To Protect Trade Secrets

The most common way for trade secrets to be exposed is when employees leave a company and pass knowledge on to competitors. The main way for businesses to protect themselves against these losses is through the adoption of noncompete, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements. Attorney Beik can draft and review these documents to ensure that they provide maximum protection without running afoul of Texas law. He can also help companies develop appropriate procedures and policies to keep confidential information secure.

Why Choose Beik Law Firm?

Our lawyer is experienced in handling theft of trade secrets matters, nondisclosure agreements and many other aspects of trade secrets law. He has the experience in federal courts to help protect these valuable assets from unauthorized disclosure. He works with clients in a range of industries and always advises them on the reasonable and proactive steps to take to discourage the misappropriation of trade secrets.

He knows how to build a case and protect your company. Call 281-407-9488 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our lawyer.