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Vigorously Protecting Businesses’ Intellectual Property Rights

Businesses invest untold amounts of money and time in creating and refining their intellectual property. Trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights have substantial value and are essential to a company’s long-term success. Any company dealing with the theft or infringement of its intellectual property must be prepared to take decisive action. Working with a skilled, experienced intellectual property lawyer is critical.

For years, businesses across Houston and Texas have placed their trust in Beik Law Firm, PLLC. Our law firm is led by attorney Paul S. Beik, who has extensive experience protecting the intellectual property rights of businesses in a diverse array of industries.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Our firm’s practice encompasses many areas, including:

  • Trademark protection: If a competitor has infringed on your brand, we will pursue all available remedies.
  • Copyright protection: Our law firm represents businesses and individuals who need assistance safeguarding their copyrights.
  • Trade secrets: When a former employee or other person takes confidential and proprietary information, it can cause profound damage. Our law firm will aggressively protect your trade secrets.

A Client-Centered, Results-Driven Approach

In any intellectual property infringement action, immediate action is important. When applicable, we seek a temporary restraining order or injunction in order to stop the infringement from occurring. We also seek monetary damages as appropriate. Paul S. Beik is a trial lawyer who has extensive courtroom experience in these types of cases. This experience is vital in helping our clients protect themselves. Whether a claim is ultimately resolved in litigation or negotiation, we will be strong advocates and knowledgeable counselors.

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