3 tips for protecting your company logo

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Trademark Law

Whether you create a logo yourself or hire a digital artist to create one for you, protecting your company logo from theft is an essential step as you build your business. The United States Patent and Trademark Office notes that safeguarding your logo can prevent others from using it without your permission and gives you ownership of any wording or image you create. Before you begin building a website, legally protecting your logo may prevent legal troubles later, and you can do so in several ways.

1. Trademark your logo

Applying for a trademark can protect your logo in several ways, including preventing other business owners from using a logo with a similar design, including the shape of any lettering or specific color usage. This is especially important when it comes to any competition so your clients do not confuse your logo with another company in a way that causes you a loss of profit.

2. Avoid simplistic logos

Some company logos are so simple yet so imprinted on American consumers that a significant portion of the public recognizes them instantly. However, when you set out to create your logo, try to include elements that are too simple for other companies to copy and claim. Include unique colors and shapes without bloating the logo.

3. Perform a trademark search

Before you attempt to trademark or copyright your logo, perform a trademark search to ensure the style or colors are not too similar to other logos already in use by other companies. This can prevent legal issues later on.

Using both trademarks and copyrights can safeguard different aspects of your business and allow you to create brand recognition.