How to trademark your business’s logo

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Trademark Law

You can trademark elements of your company’s branding to protect your distinct image. If your business has a unique logo, consider using a trademark to prevent other companies from using your brand.

Although trademarking your logo can be beneficial, the process involves significant paperwork and multiple steps.

Benefits of trademarks

If you trademark your logo, you can take action legally against parties who attempt to use it without your permission. This helps you protect the integrity and value of your company’s brand. Having a trademark can make your business seem more professional. Furthermore, you can license your logo if you have a trademark. Depending on your needs, you can trademark your logo within the state of Texas or register your trademark federally.

Registering a trademark

To register a trademark in Texas, you need to fill out, notarize and submit an application form. In addition, you must pay the related fees and include proof that your business has been using its logo. After receiving your application, the state can either issue you a trademark or indicate problems with your application. You have the opportunity to make changes and resubmit your documentation if necessary.

Your logo should be reasonably different from those of other businesses. Additionally, you need to demonstrate the use of your logo to promote your business’s products within the state of Texas during the appropriate time frame.

Although there are several steps involved in registering a trademark, the effort can be worthwhile. Once you have a trademark, you can take action to protect your company’s logo and branding.