Should you consider trademarking your logo?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Intellectual Property

A logo may present a short and easy way for customers to identify your company and products. It is a unique visual representation you plan to use for the foreseeable future. Is it something you can keep other companies from utilizing?

Trademarking your logo may go a long way in protecting your interests in more than one way.

What does a trademark do?

Trademarking your logo allows you to register it with the government and link it to your business exclusively. You can also trademark your business slogan, name and anything else that becomes synonymous with your company.

How can a trademark protect your business?

Your logo may become synonymous with your brand, something you want to protect at all costs. This keeps others from benefiting from your reputation and shields you from someone using your brand in a way that negatively impacts you. Another company may try to use your logo or likeness to promote a product or service that may prove detrimental to your bottom line.

When can a logo qualify for trademarking?

While it is impossible to keep everyone from using certain words, phrases or depictions in general, a trademark protects you from others using it similarly to your business. Your logo may prove fairly unique in your particular service circles, but another industry may use a similar depiction. The trademark will protect your logo from similar businesses using it in a way that mirrors yours.

When in doubt, seek the aid of a person knowledgeable in trademark acquisition and use.